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Galaxy Payment Services, LLC (GPS) is a registered ISO/MSP of Elavon, Inc.

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We will do whatever we can to EXCEED your expectations. If we have, please REFER businesses you know and we will provide the same great service for them. If we have not, please let us know and we will correct any issue. Thank you!

No Contracts!

We want you to stay with us because you choose to.

Rates That Will Not Rise!

We will not raise your rates... EVER!

Highly Competitive Rates!

Legitimately great rates that are hard for others to match.

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Our priority is to be the top rated on all sites, and it shows!


Long time bankers helping business owners.

No Contracts | Great Rates

Credit card processing is undoubtedly complicated and there is a very clear need for a processor who legitimately cares about their community. Simply put, we are that processor. We offer the good rates that do not rise annually or more, we provide customer service that actually serves, and seamless solutions. We do all this without a contract because we believe a contract should not be the reason you stay partnered with us. We believe you should stay partnered with us because we make running your business easier.

Galaxy Payment Services, LLC (GPS) is a registered ISO/MSP of Elavon, Inc.


We offer a variety of services.


If it pertains to card processing, we can do it! Everything from countertop terminals, to POS systems, to eCommerce payments. We offer the full gambit of solutions so if you want to track your sales, sell gift cards, or accept those futuristic style phone payments, we can do it! If you need to send your customers invoices, process payments on the job, or set up monthly reoccurring payments, yep, we can do all that too! In short, whatever the ideal solution is for your business we would be happy to set it up for you. 

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Near Field Communications

  • Smartphone /Mobile Payments

  • Countertop Terminals and POS Systems

  • eCommerce

  • Sales Tracking

  • Gift Cards

  • Customer Invoices and Reporting

  • Equipment Leasing


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